segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2016

Translater for sale

Translater is a term coined by Ben Teague, elected President of the American Translators Association who instituted the translator accreditation program. At the time--the 1980s--computers and the internet were novelties. Another novelty was the portable "Translater" that allowed suckers to type in a phrase in exchange for a WRONG translation of the phrase or expression. 

The Translater function is today taken over by Google and Microsoft. There you can get free translations that are probably--but not necessarily--wrong in every case. But what about people too dumb to type?

The existence of people too dumb to type yet able to afford a smartphone gave rise to the Pilot--an earbud-cum-dumbphone translater able to produce WRONG interpretations of the spoken word. The idea was given circulation by P.T. Barnum back about 1860: "There's a sucker born every minute."

The U.S. population today is six times what it was in 1860 and no smarter than it was then. It therefore follows, by ordinary division, that one can safely expect a sucker to be born every ten seconds. Seven suckers were born, gentle reader, before you reached this sentence.

Dumb as a post, or "Di Palo Burrone," aptly describes anyone willing to plunk down a $200 "contribution" for an "estimated" promise to try to deliver a "perk" in the shape of a pair of stylish consecutive interpretation earbuds in May of 2017--on the strength of a video filmed in an empty warehouse!  But you, dear reader, can turn this into an opportunity to WIN $200. In Curitiba go to and ask for Hank, or in Houston go to Techlanguage and ask for Steven. Offer to bet either one of us $200 that the Pilot interperter will still be offered for sale or "contribution" in May of 2018. Five'll get you ten your bets will find ready takers.

This just in: Scott Adams over at the Dilbert website is all excited about this less ambitious project.
DISCLAIMER: Scott Adams says the following with a straight face... "I don’t believe reality is something the human brain can understand."