Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Republicans claim that if you vote for a balanced candidate, that would help the Dems win again like they did in 2008 and 2012 (after the Bush asset-forfeiture crash). The Dems say voting for someone who is not an insane looter would only help a Republican win.

A website was formed to cancel out votes, much the way in Brazil people not interested in 33 communist, fascist and prohibitionist parties vote NULO and EM BRANCO. Search and you will find thousands of government pages explaining that those are NOT the same thing. NULO means "none of the above," whereas EM BRANCO means "none of the above," see?

The US system is simpler. Here's a video that explains it:

This is much like the Fimose and Espinha ( agreement to each cancel the other's vote in Brazilian elections. This cartoon may have been the original idea behind

The difference is that the BalancedRebellion vote drains off part of the spoiler vote effect. I personally approach with unruffled equanimity the prospect of Republicans committing cyanide Kool-aid suicide because Hillary won after they voted Libertarian. bookies are betting 6 to 1 the pro-choice party wins and 5 to 1 the life-begins-at-erection party loses. Paddypower is run by Irish bookies using actuarial math to make money on outcomes. Unlike rigged polls putting the adversaries neck-and-neck, they care as little about who wins across the ocean as the Republicans have chances of winning.

The good news about the odds is that feminists who believe in choice but do not believe in looter kleptocracy can vote Libertarian with no fear that God's Own Prohibitionists are therefore going to put a girl-bullying madman into the highest office. This third-party choice multiplies the power of your vote by anywhere from 600% to 3600%, and the platform is not anti-choice.

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