Sunday, October 9, 2016

Distance Voting

Another deadline looms. Now is a good time to find out about voting in the November elections. My candidate was nominated much later than the entrenched party candidates, and I was surprised at how little time we have left.

Here's a link:

The mailing part is kind of a joke. Nobody mails anything in Brazil. The last thing mailed to this address was from the US, and it was delivered to a neighbor a block away. But there is a way to Sedex stuff to a local voter, kind of like proxy voting in a corporation.

Right now we are looking for someone in São Paulo or Porto Alegre willing to drop off ballots at the American Consulates. The Consulate in SP is kind of like a wartime bunker. To approach you have to use their website and fill out forms days in advance. The website only works intermittently, and the place is best approached with your hands raised and empty.


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